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Integrative care for women, covering every part of your health and wellness journey.




Imagine leaving a visit with your doctor feeling heard. Listening carefully to patients is what Uplift For Her is all about. We believe in a unique approach for each woman, beginning with listening.  


A woman's health should be in her control. Helping women understand their health and wellness is a key part of empowering them to take control. We'll keep teaching until your questions are answered. 


Uplift For Her was built to help women feel better. We take a comprehensive approach to healing the whole person so you can feel better, live better, and live happy.

Dr. Mallorie Cracroft

Mallorie Cracroft, MD is an OB/Gyn with additional training in functional medicine and wellness. After caring for women in a traditional clinical setting for almost 15 years, she created Uplift For Her to offer a unique approach to healthcare for women with a combined conventional and functional approach. She strongly believes that it is only by attention to the whole person that we can really experience true health and wellness. Her approach to care involves longer visits, a lot of listening, and education to help empower women to own their health and wellness. 
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What if you could go to your doctor and talk about your whole self? Sleep, stress, nutrition, body movement, the symptoms that are bothering you, the things that are keeping you from feeling your best. What if you had enough time with your doctor to really get the help you need? Do you want to hear the good news? It's possible! We believe in getting to know the whole you and create a customized plan to help you help your body function at its best.
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