Comprehensive Consultation


The Comprehensive Consultation is an invaluable step in achieving whole-woman health. We understand the frustrations of dealing with symptoms and seeing conventional practitioners, just to be told that everything seems normal.  At Uplift For Her, we approach healing from a place of believing in the body’s ability to heal, even though it may feel as if the body is falling apart. We trust that a woman knows her body and knows when something doesn't feel right.

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Our Comprehensive Consultation begins with an initial 75-minute appointment. Dr. Cracroft will review your current symptoms, health history, and habits. Together, using tools from traditional and functional medicine, she will meet you where you’re at and work with you to truly custom-build your plan for healing.  

From there, you will continue to work with Dr. Cracroft with follow-up visits according to your needs.

We believe that women should feel empowered to take care of their whole-body health. Our personalized and holistic approach addresses your unique symptoms and lifestyle. We are here to truly listen, support, educate, and guide you towards meeting your lifelong health goals.

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Who is this best for?

The comprehensive consultation is ideal for patients navigating multiple or long-lasting symptoms. If you have implemented lifestyle and dietary changes with little to no relief in symptoms, or if you are feeling frustrated with the conventional medical care you’ve received, do not lose hope. You can feel better and we are happy to walk that path with you. Uplift For Her is a special place. We can’t wait to work with you.


How does a comprehensive consultation work? 

The comprehensive consultation is our most thorough visit. During your comprehensive consultation, you will spend 75-minutes with Dr. Cracroft to discuss your symptoms, review your current health habits and history. From there, you and Dr. Cracroft will create a personalized integrative plan for healing. Should Dr. Cracroft order any lab work or functional testing, you will complete the requisitions and discuss the results at a follow-up appointment. 



Initial Consultation: $450


You will begin with an initial consultation, a 75-minute comprehensive assessment of your health and wellness.

Please note that any tests ordered during this visit will be reviewed during a follow-up visit.



Follow-Up Visits: $375


Each follow-up appointment is 45-minutes to discuss ongoing concerns and progress since your previous visit.



*Uplift For Her has a 48-hour cancellation fee, view details here.

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