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Pregnancy may feel complicated and overwhelming, but it should never feel unsupported. And standard prenatal care is essential. But it may leave an expecting mother feeling unheard and rushed out the door. At Uplift For Her, we work in conjunction with your primary provider to help you prepare for one of the most beautiful and pivotal days of your life, and continue that care through your first three months postpartum. We offer whole-health support through one of life’s most difficult, and rewarding, transitions.

Dr. Cracroft is committed to navigating you through the healthiest pregnancy possible: physically, mentally, and emotionally. This care does not replace standard prenatal care with an OB or midwife, but works alongside it. Holistic pregnancy support is an incredibly enriching and empowering experience benefitting you and your baby during and after pregnancy.

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Who is this best for?

Pregnancy consultations are beneficial for women who have unresolved questions or concerns about their pregnancy. We advise on managing symptoms, planning for your birth, your postpartum transition and long-term health goals. Dr. Cracroft provides the emotional, mental and physical support and peace of mind you're looking for.


Can you help me through delivery?

Our team can answer questions and provide support leading up to and after your delivery, but we do not take part in the delivery itself. Our pregnancy services are meant to work in conjunction with your primary care OB to ensure you have the healthiest pregnancy and postpartum experience possible.




Initial Consultation: $450 


You'll begin your enriched pregnancy care by scheduling a 75-minute visit with Dr. Cracroft where you'll discuss your health history, your primary care OB plan, and how Dr. Cracroft can support you through your pregnancy. 



Follow-Up Visits: $375

 Each follow-up appointment is 45-minutes to discuss ongoing concerns and progress since your previous visit.


*Uplift For Her has a 48-hour cancellation fee, view details here.

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