Uplift For Her is a growing Integrative Women’s Health Clinic dedicated to providing exceptional care rooted in the values of compassion, empowerment, and healing. Our team is committed to delivering the highest quality of care and services to women. We recognize that healing is a collaborative journey where our role is to listen, empathize, and empower patients to feel capable and confident in their healing process. 


Compassion - We will make every effort to help patients and clients to feel heard, understood, and cared for. It is our goal that every patient and client feels that we truly want them to feel their best.

Competence - Patients and clients should feel that they are well-cared for. They should have no question that anyone they encounter at Uplift For Her knows their job well. 

Empowerment - We feel strongly that the deepest healing comes when a woman feels empowered to heal herself. It is the role of all associated with Uplift For Her to help a woman understand how capable she is, and to believe that she is capable of healing and happiness.

Healing - We think of healing as a release from pain and suffering and a welcoming of all of life’s diversity. With release and acceptance comes peace and fullness and joy. This requires action on the patient or client’s part to be willing to set down pain and suffering, and a willingness to find peace in acceptance. We also value proactive seeking of the best version of self; but the acceptance is a letting go of the need to control all things and instead find empowerment in finding one’s best self.

Abundance - At Uplift For Her we strive to keep a belief in abundance as a guiding principle. This means operating from a place of hope, a belief that we have so much to offer and we actively look for innovative ways to help as many women as we can. Operating from abundance means avoiding bickering, nickel-and-diming, the desire to always be right, and instead welcome all goodness—good feelings, good healing modalities, good vibes.

Image of the Uplift For Her conference room
Dr. Mallorie Cracroft standing at the clinic entrance
Image of an Uplift For Her treatment room