Welcome to Uplift For Her

Taking care of all of you.


At Uplift For Her we know how frustrating it is to ask for help when something feels wrong and be told everything seems to be normal. A woman knows her body and when something doesn’t feel right.
We believe every woman should feel empowered to take care of her whole-body health. Our personalized and holistic approach addresses your unique symptoms and lifestyle. We are here to truly listen, support, educate, and guide you towards meeting your lifelong health goals. 
At Uplift For Her, we prioritize long visits so we can take a thorough look at what's happening with your symptoms and your body. Then we leave plenty of time to answer questions and customize your plan so you leave feeling heard, cared for, and clear on exactly what the next steps are. 
With 14 years of experience taking care of women, Dr. Cracroft understands what you're going through and what it means to navigate the traditional medical system. She uses tools from her experience in traditional and functional medicine to meet you where you're at and truly custom-build your plan for healing. 
Uplift For Her is a special place. We can't wait to work with you. 

Welcome to Uplift For Her

We treat a wide range of conditions affecting women including:

Hormone imbalance
Period problems
Problems with sex (pain, decreased sex drive, etc)
Well-woman check-up
...and others

Meet Dr. Mallorie Cracroft


I am a doctor, mom, wife, and busy woman, trying to feel well and stay well just like you.

I understand that incorporating healthy routines into our lives and our family's lives while juggling everything else can be daunting. I also understand that if I don't do it, the juggling is even harder because I don't feel my best. Figuring out how to feel my best so I can do and be my best matters to me. And I know it matters to you. 

After caring for women in a traditional clinical setting for almost 15 years, I created Uplift For Her to offer a unique approach to healthcare for women with a combined conventional and functional approach. It's important to me that my patients feel heard and valued. I want to help them understand how their body works so they can make the best health decisions possible. I strongly believe that it is only by attention to the whole person that we can really experience true health and wellness. At Uplift For Her we approach care with longer visits, a lot of listening, and education to help you feel empowered in your own health and wellness.

I can't wait to work with you.