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Uplift For Her is a women's health clinic combining conventional, holistic, and functional medical approaches. We help women who feel unheard or disappointed by their medical care. 
  • Connect with a team¬†who¬†care and listen.¬†
  • Understand the root cause of your symptoms, so you can feel hopeful and empowered to heal.¬†
  • Get a personalized whole-person approach with the education and compassionate support you need.¬†
It's time to try a new style of medicine. 


Is Uplift For Her Right For You?

It's Time to Feel Your Best

Find the hope you're looking for at Uplift For Her.

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Trust your intuition.

Empower yourself to feel better.


At Uplift For Her we know how frustrating it is to ask for help when something feels wrong and be told everything seems to be normal. A woman knows her body and when something doesn’t feel right.

We believe every woman should feel empowered to take care of her whole-body health. Our personalized and holistic approach addresses your unique symptoms and lifestyle. We are here to truly listen, support, educate, and guide you towards meeting your lifelong health goals.

We offer women's healthcare services, and supportive services for pregnancy. 


Learn About Our Comprehensive Consultations
Learn About Our Supportive Pregnancy Services


Imagine leaving a visit with your doctor feeling heard. Listening carefully to patients is what Uplift For Her is all about. We believe in a unique approach for each woman, beginning with listening. 


A woman's health should be in her control. Helping women understand their health and wellness is a key part of empowering them to take control. We'll keep teaching until your questions are answered. 


Uplift For Her was built to help women feel better. We take a comprehensive approach to healing the whole person so you can feel better, live better, and live happy. 

How Does It Work?

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Schedule Your First Visit

Get started by scheduling your comprehensive consultation using our scheduler below. If you have any trouble, just call! 

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Meet With Dr. Cracroft

Your first visit will be a comprehensive consultation, during which Dr. Cracroft will spend 75 minutes getting to know you and helping you craft a custom action plan to help you feel your best. Lab work may be ordered during the consultation for you to complete prior to your next appointment. 

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Follow Up As Needed

Follow up with Dr. Cracroft and her hand-selected team as you build new health habits, make lifestyle changes, discuss lab work, and get to the root cause of your symptoms. 

Conditions We Treat:

We treat a wide range of conditions affecting women including: 

Hormone replacement therapy
Hormone imbalance
Weight loss
Gut health
Period problems
Abnormal bleeding
Problems with sex (pain, decreased drive, etc.)
Pre-pregnancy consult
Enriched pregnancy care
Postpartum support
Pelvic pain
Wellness check-up
...and others.


Uplift For Her

a good fit for you?


Traditional medicine can leave patients feeling rushed, with too little time to discuss concerns, and often patients leave not really understanding what's going on or even what the plan is. She may leave feeling like her problems are unsolvable, or even worse, that it's all in her head. 

At Uplift For Her, we prioritize long visits and education so we can take a thorough look at what's happening with your symptoms and your body. Then we leave plenty of time to answer questions and customize your plan so you leave feeling heard, cared for, and clear on exactly what the next steps are. 

With 14 years of experience taking care of women, Dr. Cracroft understands what you're going through and what it means to navigate the tradition medical system. She uses tools from her experience in traditional and functional medicine to meet you where you're at and truly custom-build your plan for healing. 

Our unique clinic is especially useful for understanding how to best take care of your body and includes frequent communication and office visits for close follow-up to give you the support you need. We know how important it is for you to feel healthy. We also know how frustrating or lonely it can feel to navigate the world of getting healthy. You don't have to do it alone. 

Uplift For Her is a special place. We can't wait to work with you.

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Initial Consultation: $450


You will begin with an initial consultation, a 75-minute comprehensive assessment of your health and wellness. 

Please note that any tests ordered during this visit will be reviewed during a follow-up visit.

For questions about services and insurance coverage, check out our FAQ's here.


*Uplift For Her has a 48-hour cancellation fee, view details here.

Follow-Up Visits: $375


Each follow up appointment is 45-minutes to discuss ongoing concerns and progress since previous visit.



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